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No exercise again...

and probably not for the rest of the week. See, the morning lady from the daycare is coming out on Saturday to buy Steve's saddle. I *know* there's no reason for me to worry about CPS and all that crap...but still, my brain has kicked into MIL clean mode.

I spent all yesterday evening working on my studio, and still have a ways to go. Tonight, though....I gotta take down the twin bed in the guest room, since the futon has been set up. Tomorrow, I need to straighten up the kitchen (which is still pretty good from the weekend, since my MIL was out.)...Friday I need to vacuum and mop.

I have this illogical fear that she will walk in and say "OMG - look at those furballs! They're the size of Rhode Island!! I gotta call *right now* and report you!"....even though I *know* that won't happen. She's got horses and dogs and kids, too - and a husband to help out! Or, that she will look at the old slipcovers on my sofa and loveseat and call the health department...since the dogs have decided that they are *theirs* and have started chewing their rawhides and bones on them. *sigh* Another thing to add to my list - change the slipcovers!

Oh, well - I'm trying to be positive here. I'll get a clean house, and my studio will be more organized, right? And I'll be able to walk in the guest room again.....and cleaning is considered an areobic exercise, right? *g*

Off to feed the kids and begin the cleaning frenzy!
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