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Is it Friday yet???

*sigh* I just realized that I haven't had a free and restful weekend since FEBRUARY. No wonder I'm all tired and snippy and drawn out.

This Saturday is - so far - clear and empty. I have decided it will be a do Nothing Day - I'm planning on not even changing out of my jammies. The house got a speed-cleaning Sunday, and still looks *good* (we even got the floors mopped! I must invite company over more often!), laundry can be done during the week, my bedroom is dusty but not toxic, so it'll get picked up this week, I can do the grocery shopping Thursday or Friday evening.....all of which will leave Saturday free. Yard work? HA. That's why I have horses! I still need to get the tractor tire off, but I tried last night ain't gonna happen. Not with my wrist problems - I found a tire-iron that would fit (borrowed my co-worker's), slathered WD-40 on the lug nut, and promptly tried to break my wrist again. (I felt it POP. And crackle. I quit. I don't need another odd injury I have to try to explain to the (incompetent) ER docs out here. The "I kicked my dog and broke my wrist" thing was bad enough...) *IF* I see my new neighbor this week, I'll ask him, if not it'll just have to wait until I can find someone to help me.

The plans for Saturday?. HA! Nothing. Nada. Not a thing. I will lounge-spin to my heart's content, either on/in the sofa or my comfy overstuffed chair. I'll only get up to feed the masses, answer the phone (although..that's what the kids are for!) and answer calls of nature. I wish to be indolent all day. The kids? Well - both their rooms are about to be declared Federal Disaster Areas, so that's their Saturday right there. No TV until the EPA approves them! (Fortunately for *me*, the CD player is in the studio annex, *and* it's remote controlled. I won't even have to budge from the chair to change music - it has a 6 CD changer, or I can set up the iPod with iTunes and go with *that*.)

Will it happen? Maybe not - but it sure is fun planning it! I hope it does, though - Sunday we're back to the same ol' grind. I haven't checked the calendar further than this weekend, but the 13th is the Mother/Daughter banquet, then...something, then Arlington, then Herself's birthday, then school's out and I have to plan the grandparent visits, and church summer camp, and swimming lessons, and riding lessons and and and and and......Yeah, it'll happen. It HAS to or I'll crack right up! (And, yeah - it's a short trip. The car's always packed. )
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