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My day's a little brighter...

but it's still not Friday yet!

I did get some good news - can't blog it yet, but it's good. I also got some way cool ATC's (that's Artist Trading Cards for you uninitiated unwashed masses) from moderngypsy - Thanks bunches! They're great! I haven't been bit by that particular bug (yet), but I can see the allure. *g*

Must go stash-diving tonight. I also really really really Need to get the *&&%*(&%%^% dishtowels of doom off of the loom so I can do...something more fun. And Big. I'm sick of having to change weft colors every 24". (Would someone please give me permission to trash the rest of this warp? Pretty please? I can't bring myself to do it myself - I think we're only talking 3 yards here, I'm totally unenthused by the fabric, and the loom's been tied up since....before Thanksgiving with this project. *sigh*)

I really need to quit playing at the wheels, too, and get the Pyr hair finished. Too many projects, nowhere near enough time! I've got a day off scheduled soon, though (Himself has an appointment with his pneumologist (or however that's spelled - his lung doc), on the 8th, and I plan on fiber-ing all day until I have to go pick him up. Maybe I can get the dog hair all carded....hmmmmmmmmmm. I still have a lot of fun fibers calling me, though....maybe indulge until the 8th??? We'll see.
Tags: blather, spinning, weaving

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