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Previous Entry Why is it.. Apr. 26th, 2006 @ 09:36 am Next Entry
that money runs out like water when it hits the bank? The kids SS checks hit today, so I wrote out the bills, and the money I had this AM is gone, gone, gone. It reminded me of a conversation I had Saturday (I can't remember the whole thing..there was a kilt involved. Need I say more? I was...distracted.) Something was said about my job, to which I responded that I *needed* to work so I could live in the manner to which I had become accustomed. I was asked "what manner?"..and responded (quite truthfully!) "abject poverty!". Very sad to see my off-the-cuff remark hit so close to home. *sigh*

The good news? My Kubota will be paid off in 12 months! Maybe a little sooner - I'm trying to decide if I want to use my Christmas bonus (provided we *get* bonuses this year) to pay it off or not. No wonder Kubota keeps calling me trying to get me to upgrade. No thanks - I loves my little tractor with the front-end loader, the bush hog and the auger. Even if it *does* have a flat right now. *Every* girl needs her own Tractor! *eg*

It's just me in the office today - co-worker's mother is having surgery to remove a cancerous growth off of her eyelid. I don't normally mind, but today there's a gentleman coming in to get some info on a vehicle that Mrs. Boss has for sale. (Think classic, rare MB, here - I *lust* after this car! Alas, the price is much to much for the Fiberaddict's pocketbook...*sigh* 71 convertible, only 1,000 ever built - I don't want to put the actual model # here, in case the executor's go looking. Their guy has sat on it since FEBRUARY, and Mrs. Boss is tired of waiting on them. Nothing illegal; the check will be made out to the Estate, not her...but still. Think...Two Eighty ESS EEEE. Three Point Five L engine. *g*) He's been nice on the phone...but in person? Ah, well.....it should enliven a perfectly boring day if nothing else.

Must try to stay awake now.
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