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It's Spring...

that time of year a young woman's (and, not-so-young) thoughts turn to fancy.....socks, and shawls, and snoods. *g*

For some reason, I woke up this morning with a very strong desire to knit a pair of kilt hose. WTF??? I don't have anyone to wear them, *I* don't like tall I am not sure where this urge came from. I have the perfect wool in the stash, though - 8 oz of beautiful emerald-green superwash...I might just have to start spinning it, so it can age properly while I go out and hunt down a willing subject. *g*

Hmmm...June is just around the corner, and it opens with the blare of bagpipes. Guess I need to whip up some new skirts and bloomers and go on the prowl! If I'm going to satisfy this urge to knit kilt hose, that is......
Tags: blather, knitting, spinning

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