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one of those days? I didn't sleep well - kept having strange dreams, then woke up every hour or so with another idea for kilt hose. I just...I have no idea. :shakes head: I tried to stave off the impulse by starting on the 2nd element of my "winter" sock yarn....but the emerald green superwash is seductively singing it's siren song from the studio. Maybe I should haul it's little self out into the least I got 1 bobbin almost filled last night during "This Old House/Ask This Old House".

Himself didn't want to get up, then was very clingy when I dropped him off at the daycare. *sigh* I hate that.

Co-worker is sick, sick, sick, so it's just me today. And I have a massive headache that won't stop. So much for getting stuff done!

The weather is threatening rain - I wish it would, so maybe my head would clear up. And maybe my wrist would quit hurting (yeah, it's back to the constant achy-ness that has plagued me for so long.)

Blech. I am going to hit B&N at lunch to see if book-shopping will improve my outlook. Let's hope.

Oh, and to top it off, my "girls" are shedding from the sunburn last weekend. *sigh* Not only does my head hurt, but I'm itching and all scaley now. Note to Self: Self, arrange to have minions at Arlington to provide sunscreen application as necessary.
Tags: blather, spinning

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