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Saturday's almost over...

and I almost accomplished my "do nothing" day. Almost.

Met my neighbor at 7:15 AM - he took the Kubota tire off and loaded it in the van for me. At 8, we took it to the tire place in town, where I was charged a whopping $0.00 to fix it - it took the guy maybe 2 minutes. I *Love* living in a small town! Headed home, where I dropped the hose in the pool, then went inside.

Kidlets set to work cleaning their rooms (disater areas. And besides - this was MY do-nothing day, not theirs! *g*). At 11, we headed out for lunch (I decided it was less nothing to actually operate the microwave than it was to hop in the car.) Hit the dollar store for batteries...then back home again.

What have *I* done all day? Spun up 3 oz of winter singles, plied all 4 oz, then plied those 4 oz with the 4 oz I had already spun and plied. I have a nice, huge batch of 4 ply cabled sock yarn now, ready to be skeined off, washed, and started as socks. Just need to find the right pattern.

Also took a nap, fed the animals, and got the pool filled to within 1" of the skimmer. I need to go pick up 100 lbs of filter sand so I can run the filter tomorrow (have to run an extension cord until I can afford/find an electrician to do it properly) before filling it the rest of the way,and then clean the pool up. Then we can use it!

Am going to camp out in front of the TV tonight and work on the tam. I'm at the point I need to switch to DPNs, so the end is in sight.

I've got a couple of ideas for the yarn I spun at Kilgore. I'm going to let them simmer a bit...but it'll either be knit into something, or be put up on etsy for someone else to work with. Depends on a few things, some of them outside of my influence....we'll see. I've got room in the stash for it, so no big deal either way.

Haven't heard anything on the new guild....hopefully will hear something Monday. Am itching to start a new project...but must finish at least the tam first. I really need to get back to the teeny-tiny squares on the Diamond Patch sock #2...but I am uninspired. The yarn feels icky - looks great, but I hate how my hands feel while working with it. Handspun has made me spoiled!

*Really* want to start spinning kilt hose yarn. Must resist....I need to find something unsuitable in the stash to work on to stave off this obsession. Need to find my hard hat and safety line first, though....
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