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I am with pool...

and, boy howdy, is it nice! Got the sand for the filter today....the pool is almost full enough to run it. Will run it, and run the vacuum tomorrow...then on the 15th I will buy the required salt for the chlorine generator, run the bloody thing, and we'll be able to actually *swim* by the 17th. Whee!

Have 5 skeins of handspun drying in my bathroom right now. My "winter" yarn is awesome, awesome, AWEsome. Now to find the right pattern for it...I want something lacy, that "feels" like winter. Have gone thru all my pattern books without seeing anything must hunt some more. Or change what I think "right" is.....

Am about to sit down and start on the emerald superwash that keeps telling me it wants to be kilt hose. Might as well spin it on up - yarn has to properly age before being used, right? (Don't you DARE mention my winter yarn, 'k? 'Cause I am just *dying* to start on that pair of socks!)

Oh - and I'm also with neice/nephew. My brother (itsjames2u and sister-in-law (jennyp5309) are expecting - due around my birthday (12/12). Yee haw! New baby and it's not mine!!!
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