Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..

and both on the same day! *sigh*

Bad things first: Got home last night, and Dusty the stud-muffin was in the girl's pasture. He was easy to catch, since both his back legs were torn all to hell. *big sigh* My vet is coming out on Monday; since 2 of the girls have a date with an outside stud I will ask him what I need to do to prevent an oops from happening here. (I don't *think* he was capable of actually doing anything - he went thru 2 fences to get in there, and his back legs are really, really messed up. But still....I'd rather be safe (and broke) than sorry.) He's now in the round pen with Finn...neither of them are happy about this, but oh well.

Good things: First guild meeting last night. Whee! We must have gabbed for hours, and it was glorious. To converse with someone who *knows* why and how you play with fiber (and to get to infect them with another bug - heheheheheheheheheh) is just...priceless.

We're starting small. 2 of us last night, maybe a few more next time...then, in the Fall, we'll start heavily promoting. I suggested we start as a knitting group, since knitting is so popular, and I'm afraid to launch directly into a Fiber Group would scare a few folks off. Me? I'm a rebel - sure, I'll bring my needles and current obsession project with me....but the wheel comes too. And not just any wheel, but my AA Norwegian. *eg*

I am starting to hunt for an older Ashford (ST/scotch tension) and Louet (ST/bobbin lead)wheel. If/when the bank finally releases the funds my boss left me, then I will use some of it to buy them (after the car and tractor are paid off), and use the wheels to teach folks how to spin. I *love* my AA's, but neither of them are really suitable for rank beginners, and, as much as I love Alden, I don't want to a) wait; b) insult his genius by asking for 2 plain, simple wheels and c) start someone on an AA, then force them to downgrade when they buy their own wheel. (I'm just thoughtful like that.) Besides, I can use the Louet to ply all my yarns so my Scottish castle wheel can be used to, like, actually *spin* yarn again. (I love love love my Norwegian, but the bobbins are *teeny*. Lots of singles will fit on them, not a lot of plied yarn will. The skeins are short. So, I ply on the jumbo flyer on the Scottish wheel.)

If anyone has one of these wheels that they might be thinking about finding a new home for, let me know. The only problem is that it might be a few more months before I have funding. (I've already raised a slight stink with the bank. I'll be raising a larger one soon.) My only requirement is that they be single treadle - my spinning style (advanced lounge spinning) won't adapt to a double treadle setup. Since I won't be able to resist using them if they're in my possession *eg* it'll just be easier that way. We can plan a road trip to Dallas (small store with a few wheels) or Granbury (smaller store, but more wheels) if the new spinner would like to try out a DT wheel.

Things that don't mean anything, but it's my journal so I'm posting it anyway: I am operating with very little sleep here. It wasn't my brain, this time - it was outside factors. Dogs/rain/dogs/thunder....sigh. This entire post is credited to an overcaffienated Fiberaddict - today should be *fun*. *g*

I won a measuring wheel on Ebay 4/19, and still haven't received it. Since I need it to build a yarn meter (you use it to measure how many yards you have...much easier than counting rounds on the niddy or reel!), I'm a little upset here. Must go email the seller.

I CO for my "winter" sock this AM. The yarn (pictures *will* be posted soon - promise!) came out at 22 WPI as a 4-ply cable. I've started with 60 stitches on 4's....we'll see. I brought 3's along, in case I need to drop down a size, but I think we'll be ok. The "autumn" yarn knit up into wonderful socks on 4's; it came in at 21 WPI.

I've settled on 2x2 ribbing, then will switch to the "snowflake" lace pattern for the leg and top of the foot. Of course, this is subject to change. *g*

The diamond patch socks are still stalled. I really need to get back on those. Maybe the winter socks will get me back in a sock-knitting mode so I can tackle this one.

Must go find more caffiene. My pounding head demands it!
Tags: blather, knitting, pets, socks, spinning

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