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I love getting stuff...

makes it feel like Christmas! In May!

Art (the carpenter guy at church) delivered my blocking reel today (had I gone to choir practice Wed, I'd have gotten it then - damn headache!) - it's nice. Not fancy; very workman-like and sturdy.

I had given him the plans in the 1994(ish) Spin Off issue (the one with the woven silk scarf on the front); it took him 3 days and $20 to make it.

I asked him if he'd be willing to make stuff for other knitters/spinners/weavers, and he said I need to email the CE and let her know. He said that the next one would be much nicer and fancier - this was a "working experiment". *g* I don't care - it looks nice and rotates so smoothly.....

Whee! Gotta go wash some yarn now so I can *use* it!!
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