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Don't be surprised...

if my website goes down today or tomorrow. I upgraded my account, they sent the new info...and I can't access the 'effing site to upload anything! :sigh:

That's OK for today, though - I'm at home with dinky dial-up. Uploads take *forever*, so I'll dump the site to a CD and upload it tomorrow at work (loves me my DSL!)

Since I can't do anything from here, I decided to do a massive update. You have *no* idea how pathetic I am....I even took a picture of my bobbin winder. (In my defense, it's pretty cool - it's a standard LeClerc, it clamps to a table, but it didn't have enough clearance to hold my storage bobbins (you'd think, it being LeClerc, and my storage bobbins being LeClerc....) - my FIL built a cool little stand for it. I wanted to show off his brilliance.)

I've got 25 new pictures of equipment to code and I'm thinking I might want to reword some of my pages. We'll see......I may not be sane enough after I get all these pictures coded!

Meeting my vet at 12, then off to pickup Himself for his quarterly checkup. I've already dyed 4 oz of wool (a nice spring green using EE dyes), cut out and sewn up 2 chemises (black and tan), vacuumed, cleaned the cooktop, polished my wheel, clock reel, blocking reel for the photo shoot, rearranged the studio annex (and re-rearranged it back)....busy day.

Well, back to it!
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