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Previous Entry Whew! May. 8th, 2006 @ 07:56 pm Next Entry
That thud you heard around 1 PM was my jaw hitting the driveway. My vet came, gave shots, drew blood...and $450 later, the horses have (almost) all been vaccinated and the mares cleared for breeding. (Finn is the holdout - Doc gave the 2 girls their shots and left the ones for the other 4. I did them tonight...but Finn needs someone much stronger than my mother to hold him while I stick 3 needles in his butt.)

He also left me 2 doses of...Progestin I think he called it. Basically, it'll make sure neither mare has an oops baby thanks to Dusty the wonder idiot. 5 days after this cycle is done I need to pop their rumps again, and it'll take care of anything that may - or may not - have...stuck.

Himself's doctor appointment went wonderfully well. He is no longer a patient of the Pulmology department. Hip hip huzzah! The cough? That's been bugging the crap outta me? Is nothing more than habit now. We're working on breaking it.

Dyed 6 oz of wool today. 4 oz a nice, bright spring green and 2 oz a bright, saffron yellow - all with Easter Egg Dyes. Need to get some blue, purple, and pink next - this is prep for my "Spring" socks. I'm thinking fair isle-ish something, green background and variously-colored "blooms". Maybe...this is subject to change, of course. *g*

48 seems to be the "magic" number for these socks, in *this* pattern, in *this* yarn, with *these* needles. Looks great, fits nicely - so I get to keep going this time instead of frogging (again) - Huzzah!
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