Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

blub blub blub...and rantage

Let's see - I broke the printer network at the office. Our computer guru can't figure out what happened, so HE called HIS guru, who will be in tomorrow.

When *I* break something, I do it right! (And actually, I didn't do anything. I think the anti-virus software I updated yesterday did something; I was printing just fine, then I downloaded the new version, and the printer was gone.)

Got a measuring wheel (finally!) yesterday, and spent about 30 minutes tonight turning it into a yardage meter. It seems pretty accurate; I skeined off my novelty yarn that will be posted for sale soon; the meter read 97.2 yards, I calculated 95.1 (not counting the loose ends - I, err, umm, just started counting wraps on the top of the clock reel. Bad me!)

Also got my photo tent - Huzzah! I'll be setting it up this weekend and taking lots of pictures. Some will go on the sale page, the rest will just replace the (crappy) ones that are there now.

Lots of drama and back-biting going on lately, both here and on my mailing lists. Not all about the same things...but enough that it's getting annoying.

Folks, if you have a problem with something I (or anyone else) has to say, say it to my face,'k? NOT behind my back - this is the internet. It ain't private.

I promise I won't snap back at you - I'll stop and think out my response and *try* to be civil. Discussion leads to understanding - bitching "privately" causes discord.

I gots enough discord in my life that I don't want or need any more. Grow up and get a backbone - if you can't say it to my face, maybe it really doesn't need to be said, yes?


OK, *that's* out of my system. I'm working on a post on spinning and selling the output, but it's going to take some time for me to formulate things coherently. Meanwhile, I need to go spin! I've got some Emerald Green superwash Merino on tap, and it's calling.
Tags: blather, rant, spinning

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