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Hmmmm, seems my rant is already written...

and much more eloquently than I could do. Go here for a well thought out entry and (so far) polite discourse on it.

Also, did you know that sometimes, when a 'puter mouse dies, it does so with a firey finish that leaves pyromanics in awe? It's quite an impressive way to commit suicide, I'll give it that, but a bit disconcerting when it does it *as you're trying to update your webpage*. (Seriously - sparks flew everywhere, and it got reallyreallyreally hot. To the point that I yanked it out of the back of the box and threw it into the sink hot.)

And, Thrallmart is not the best place to go at 6:30 AM to replace said mouse. Too many perky people snapping up bargains.
Tags: rant, spinning, tech-y

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