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Work is kicking butt right now - between the contract stuff we do, the bank, our idjit financial advisor (who may not be our F/A soon..)'s been busy.

Pool: The water is in balance (Yea!) but there's still icky on the bottom. I'll be taking care of that soon - the automatic vac I have is good, but it's S L O W...we wanna swim *now*, so I'll get in there and clean it up manually. The chlorine generator works a treat - that'll save $$. We're aiming at christening the pool Monday.

Horses: 2 girls are headed to a tryst with a handsome stud on Saturday. Wish me luck - it'll be just me and them....I don't like hauling horses by myself, but I have no choice. Let's hope I don't get lost. *g*

Highland Games: ritaspins37, yes - I'll be at Arlington, wheel in tow. Don't know how much spinning I'll actually get to do - it's my cousin clan's AGM this year, so us MacLellans get to hold down both tents while they do their thing. If there's enough of us, it'll be business as usual..if not, well, I'll be wearing 2 tartans. *g* I hope we've enough coverage - I've got do. *eg*

Kids: School is out tomorrow. The little heathens are restless. Granny will be hauling them off next Friday....*I* can't wait. Gotta plan my vacation soon......(why next week and not this week? Because Himself is going to camp next Wed/Thurs/Fri AM. They'll be talking about "space nutrition" and "rocketry". No astronaut (Bad NASA! Catch 'em young and you'll have people knocking down the door when they get old enough to enter training. Keep pushing them away....) but that's cool. He'll still have a blast.

Winter sock #2 is 1 pattern repeat and toe away from being done. I *love* how this yarn knit up! So soft and nice.....*sigh*

Back to work - got lots to get done, and we're meeting with the bank Tuesday. Again. blech.
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