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short update

Good news (sorta) - the foot is NOT broken, just...crushed. According to the doc I saw today (#2...long story), there don't appear to be any fractures, but a lot of compression. I have a really fashionable boot I have to wear for the next 6-8 weeks. He also gave me a 'script for an antidepressant that also works on nerve pain. :shrug:

The wrist/hand? No clue - doc #1 today was the biggest jerk I've ever run across. No new x-rays...found out I'd had surgery on it, said I was too "complicated - I don't want to touch it.". Spent maybe 2 minutes looking at it (from a distance) then told me to exercise it. *sigh* I will be calling my insurance tomorrow to find out how to report him, and what I need to do next. Still wearing the brace (even though Dr. wonderful told me to remove it - I needed to work out the pain. :snort:)

Oh - and I bought a Louet S15 today.

Must go pop pills and go to bed now.
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