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Last night was fun...

It was knitter's night out again. We had a blast - I made dinner (hey - I like to cook, I hadn't cooked in 2 whole weeks since the kids were gone...what can I say?), we had a smashing wine with it, then gabbed and she knit while I spun. (Pics of the singles will be along shortly - redemelde, you'll wanna see what your handywork is becoming!) Mucho fun!

Got to bed at the unholy hour of 10 PM (normal for me is 8:30, but remember I get up and the even more unholy hour of 3:45. It's a holdover from the 18 months of stalking....*sigh*), only to have the phone ring in my ear. Nothing drastic - just a nice phone call from my.....buddy. *eg* Whom I now need to plan a meal for......*vbg*

Oh - and note to self: white wine makes a good substitute for pain meds. No grogginess the next morning. Doesn't get rid of the pain, but it does make my give-a-shit go away.

Kids will be home in a couple of hours!!!
Tags: blather, guild, j, note to self

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