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Just a quickie this AM...

Gotta get the kids ready for church.

Got pictures taken of the studio area - yarn stash and loom, plus a lot of my handspun. I'll try to code the pages this week - should have them done by Wednesday, unless we get more work to do (doubtful).

The weaving is moving along, and it made me change my mind about a future project. I hadn't gotten beyond the spinning stage, so it's'll just be woven instead of knitted (and I don't want to say too much more, just in case my friend reads this. She's awfully busy, but still.........)

Speaking of said friend, her next book is due out March 15. If you haven't checked out Liz Curtis Higgs's site, you're missing out. She's an awesome writer, and is wrapping up her Scottish Historical retelling of the Jacob/Rachel/Leah story from Genesis. Very good writing, lots of good historical research, and kilts! *g*

Must run - gotta get the kidlets dressed for church!
Tags: blather, weaving

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