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the pain meds are still in effect, so let's see how much I can blab. *g* It's been a bit, so here's the past week in a nutshell:

The birthday party Saturday was a blast. Not everyone showed up, which upset Herself, but the clouds parted and the rain stopped and the sun appeared in time for us to have the swimming part of the party. The daycare lady and her 2 boys managed to come, which improved her mood, and the cake and "ice cream" (frozn yogurt from Blue Bell) was a hit, and all the pizza was consumed.

Sunday (Trailergate 2006: The Rematch) I already recapped for you. Monday was bring-your-horse-in-the-house day; Tuesday was a Star Wars marathon with Himself. (I swear, if I have to watch the Clone Wars one more time, I will recreate them For Real.)

Yesterday was doctor day. I took the whole day off so we could get things done. Himself went with me - he wanted to be there when his sister got home. The foot is healing; I have to wear the Darth Vader boot for at least 2 more weeks, then see him again in 4. Himself was very well behaved while we did the x-rays and exam. We then headed out to pick up Herself from Camp (this was her first year, and we decided a 1/2 week was probably the best idea.)

She had a BLAST. She didn't want to go home; in fact, she's already told me that Next Year she will go for the whole week. She chattered the whole way home - all about the crafts, and hikes, and Bible Study (it was church camp, after all), and food, and games, and and and...*g* Himself is very jealous, and wants to go next year, too. This could be good - 3 weeks of No Kids next summer? I could go for that!

I plied up the Deep Sea roving - I ended up with 274.7 yards of nice 2-ply yarn, in between fingering and sport weight (I think - I need to do the WPI on it.) It's pretty - mostly a nice aquamarine with flashes of darker green and purple. It'll make beautiful socks - once I decide on the proper lace pattern.

Not much else going on. We're still broke, the dogs are still...themselves, the horses are all (well, almost all - Finn is upset that he's in the pen while the others are out eating grass and....making babies.) happy, the goldfish....are fishy, my house is a disaster area. All in all, life's good.

Must pretend to work now....
Tags: blather, kids, spinning

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