Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I think I've hit the mid-life crisis stage...

I mean, I will be 38 in December. I've already pared off the excess weight that 2 kids and a deep depression brings (according to the scales this AM, I am at 137, a mere 10 pounds over what I weighed the day I got married. But with boobs. *eg* :boggle:); I'm starting to look for new clothes (which are a necessity, not vanity - nothing I own FITS anymore!)...and, well...

Hi, I'm fiberaddict, and I'm a BPAL whore. (Hi, Fiberaddict!) I haven't even *thought* of perfume in years, and here I am, slavishly hitting the forums, making lists, hitting eBay, hitting the lab (and waiting very impatiently!)'s sad. And funny. *g*

I'm even contemplating selling one of the broodmares. :shock: Her breeder wants her back; I'll get the first foal, so it's not like I'm losing anything (plus, I have her son, so....) I dunno. Any monies received would just go into savings anyway....

I guess it's normal, but damn is it weird! I'm looking at clothing I would NEVER have worn 5 years ago (I mean - halter tops? 2 piece swimsuits?? Who am I and where did I go??) and I don't give a damn what "they" think about it. (Heck, I'm already the weird lady of the neighborhood town county anyway, so what does it matter?) If it wasn't for the dogs and kids, I'd be thinking seriously about trading in my well-loved mini-van for a small, cute fuel-efficient car (but that won't happen - ever - if I *do* ever trade it in, it'll be for a truck to haul the horses around with. Seriously - cars just don't cut it.)

My kids don't seem to mind all the changes - either they don't notice, or it's not as big a deal as I'm thinking it is. (But, really - a bikini? ME??? It is pretty, though...let's see if I actually *wear* it when it gets here..which won't be for a couple of weeks; the seller agreed to hold it for me until Wednesday..*g*)
Tags: blather

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