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so, it's Monday. It's been....Monday. Both of us decided to "ditch" work to get some important personal stuff done (we're almost caught up with our backlog, so really - it's ok.)

Me? I figured out my budget for payday - I'll actually have enough left to buy gas this go 'round, even with buying a few extras. Yippee! I also priced the kid's uniforms for next year - and came in 1/2 of what I budgeted. Double Yippee!

Speaking of which - if your kids are enrolled at a school that requires uniforms, I *highly* recommend School-Uniforms. I did a price comparison last year, and they came in at the top of the economical list - they weren't the cheapest, but they were close; the shipping was cheaper, and the quality is superb. Himself has some shirts that still look *brand* new, even after spending a year in Kindergarten with him. Herself's new wardrobe (which will consist of 5 each: long pants/shorts/short sleeve polos/long sleeve polos) will come in right at $250; Himself's will come in at $220. *IF* I buy 5 each; He doesn't need 5 of everything and I don't think she does, either. Must check tonight.

Considering that 2 years ago I spent $500 just on HER, this is a bargain. (And the shirts? Suck. Horrid poly-blend that holds stains like nobody's business, look and feel icky.....these new ones feel more "high-class", have held up well, and just all around look nicer.)

Oh, and uniforms are *way* better than street clothes for school. No fights in the morning over what to wear, no peer pressure to look like a hootchie-mama or pimp......seriously. Plus, they really are cheaper than regular clothes - try finding a pair of jeans for $14 that'll last the whole year (well, provided the kid doesn't outgrow them.....)

Now, I wait on the bank to release my funds........:mumble, grumble:
Tags: blather, kids

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