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So, whee!

So, missed the call last night, but my "secretary" (Himself) was told he would call back today. I'm supposed to just sit, I guess, until he calls and lets me know if he's coming by today or tomorrow. :taps fingers impatiently on desk: eff that - I've got stuff to do! He'll either reach me, or not.

Ordered the kids uniforms today - 32 items, under $500. Not to bad, and they're both now completely outfitted for school. Helps that the bank finally released my funds (Huzzah! Even if the bimbo did the transfer wrong and it took *48* hours to go from the Bank to my account (at the SAME bank, mind you...:sigh:)....I've only got 3 more things on my list to do - one of which I can't do until Monday (get the rest of the f'ng money OUT of this (idiotic) bank and into a safe short-term CD elsewhere. At 5% or better interest.) - the other 2 require me to leave the house (need to buy a water softener and a patio cover). Hmmm.......the 1st I can do online with Sears, I think...the 2nd I can talk to my neighbor. He said he can get me a "good deal". We'll was nice having a healthy bank account for a few minutes. *g*

Then, I plan our vacation. We're going to hit NASA on the 17th, I think (we can day trip it - Houston is only 3 hours away the way *I* drive)....the rest of the week is pretty empty. I need to open a brand-spanking new account at a bank that actually employs intelligent people (yeah, my standards are high....we'll see if I can actually *find* such a bank), then I can move all my auto-drafts to the new account and give my current bank (koff*koff*JPMorganChase*koff*koff) the boot. :sigh: Not the most fun thing to do, but necessary.

I'm also going to price used equipment...I still need a good SD wheel, and I'd love to try some of the new yarns. We'll see - I don't want to spend all the "play" money I allocated, and I can't touch the funds set aside for hte CD (enough to pay off the van and tractor. As long as I have a job, that money will just sit and gather interest. The minute the job goes, though - out it comes and pays off the big items. I'm trying to get debt free - all I owe are those 2 and the house. The house I can pay for via the Social Security money, but it won't stretch to cover the bills, the house, and the car/tractor. So, the car/tractor will go...and I can be a SAHM for a while.)

Off to mop the floors....just in case we get company this weekend.
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