Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

The State of the Fiberaddict...

is good. Very good. Things are going well - so well it's a bit frightening. (In a Good Way, though!)

We've chatted on the phone for about an hour each night. If things continue in this manner, there will be changes coming. (No, seriously - he is So similar to Steve, it's freaky. Except for the only-1-project-at-a-time, and-yes-Of-Course-I-finish-them thing....which I can't quite wrap my brain around. No half-finished objects scattered willy-nilly? Odd...oh, and the own-my-own-company thing. Oh, yeah - he's had horses forever - he understands about my furbabies!!)

We'll see how this weekend goes.....we're off to NASA on Monday. 8 hours locked in the car with my 2 brats will prove...something. *g*

So, can lightning strike twice? With Steve, *I* was the hunter, he was the gift-wrapped prey. Poor man didn't know what hit him. This time, the situation is reversed....

No matter the outcome, it's gonna be one Hell of a ride! (Fun, too...but that's a subject that will remain private, thankyouveddymuch!)
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