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Previous Entry Whew! Aug. 31st, 2004 @ 01:13 pm Next Entry
Yesterday was busy busy. We had something to do!!! (finally)....I finished all of it this AM, then hit the FRAOK ring. Took me an hour, but I went all the way around it. Fun stuff - lots of cool yarns, lots of cool people!

I have a bunch of updates for my website, but probably won't get to coding until tomorrow. I think I have something like 24 pictures to upload and drop in the various pages...all of which take time and brain cells (which are currently lacking right now!)

I'm itching to weave off the acrylic on the loom, but I also want to get Himself's sweater done...decisions, decisions. I've already got projects ready to go for both loom and needles.....I just need more time.

Off to look at the sweater and see if I want to knit. *g*
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