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Well, we've told everyone now except for my Dad (he knows, but I haven't shown him the ring - yet.) and my MIL - I would prefer to tell her in person instead of on the phone. I think she has a hint, though - she told me yesterday that "Oh, I really hope this works out between ya'll. He's just so, so.....Great!" *g*

J. has an interview with the ISD here. He's *way* overqualified (let's see...Master Mechanic/ASE certified/State Inspector/blah blah blah - my eyes glazed over at this point and I started hearing the whooshing sound of water, or something), but when he explained *why* he was willing to work there, they got excited and invited him in. He's going to check with the TxDOT location out here, too - he wants to work close to home. Heh. Must be nice! (61 miles *1* way for me -

My job...that's a funny story. I told Mrs. Boss Monday when she came up. She was happy, said "Great!"....then, she ruined it. "So, you're not quitting, are you? Because I'll need some time to hire someone to replace you. You need to give me at least a month's notice." Ummmmm......errr, WTF? Have I mentioned leaving? (No.....this job will end within the next 2 years, so why leave? I'd rather ride it out and keep collecting the salary and bonus, then get laid off so I can draw unemployment for 6 months.)

THEN, a little later, she said that "Well, you don't have to worry about money anymore, since he's a mechanic. They make *good* money." And, when discussing *this* particular ring (short digression - there were 2 that I liked: this one (at $450, and one with a round sapphire at $240. (Both were on major sale) This was my favorite, but I'm thinking of the cost, and leaning towards the round one. J. overruled me - I'd have been happy with either one....I just don't like spending large amounts of money without a lot of forethought - and anything over $100 is classified as a large amount of money) she pops off with "No, HE can afford it - you should have gotten the one you liked best." Again - WTF?

Yeah, he's got a nice job. He's also got the associated expenses. (He co-owns the garage. He takes a smaller salary so that he can have more employees, so he doesn't have to do all the work.) He does have money, but...he's no Perot. *I've* lived with a tight budget for so long, that it's not fun for me to run around spending his money left and right; his salary is nice for Him, but he's about to add 3 more people to the mix. *sigh*

She's from a different world - married money both times, and thinks that's the main reason to get married. Pffffffffffffbt. Whatever. I'd prefer to marry for love...but, different strokes and all that. At least *I'm* happy - she's not, but that's a whole 'nother subject.

Anyway, that's the state of the fiberaddict today - or at least, at the moment.
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