Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Blech. After a really nice weekend, today started with a splat.

Let's recap:

Saturday, J. was running late, but Dad and I had a nice day, and I got my house pretty much clean. J. finally arrived at 9 PM; we unloaded his mare (a 4 y.o. Appaloosa...built like a brick outhouse. Sweet, but....compared to my Arabians, she's dense.) then turned in for the night.

Sunday, my Mother took the kids to church while we took her truck out to pick up Magic from the stud farm. It only took us 1.5 hours to get her on the bloody trailer...and then, she only loaded because J. basically pulled her in. :boggle: He's strong.....mmmmm. Very strong. Oh, sorry! *g*

Monday, I took the kids to the doctor while J. put in some applications near the house. 1 of them sounds *really* promising - I had suggested he go to the ISD bus barn, he called and set up to go in yesterday. He got there at 8:30 to find out that: they have 2 mechanics. At 8 AM, the younger one turned in his 2 weeks notice; the older one is retiring Dec. 31. :blink: He filled out the application, then immediately got called back for a formal interview. They handed him the paperwork for the background check, the blood test, and the CDL license. :double blink: This would be ideal - the bus barn is 1/2 - 1 mile from my house. We'll see - they said they'd call him in 2 weeks. :fingers crossed:

I also met his daughter yesterday.....this will be interesting. She's a very manipulative female, and is not happy that Daddy has a new female interest (and a new daughter and son.) She's especially not happy about my kids - Himself is a sticking point. J. has always made it plain that he wanted a boy...........whoo. Dinner last night was *not* fun. She basically ignored me, shot both my kids dirty glances, and did every thing in her power to embarrass her daddy. Her husband is....well, worthless. She ran roughshod all over him - he wasn't even allowed to order what he wanted. *sigh* Can we say "jealousy issues"?? She's been telling him for years that he needed to find someone..which is why he was confused. He's too straight-forward for his own good - lucky for him, I've dealt with people like this before. *g*

Ah, well - I can see it, and I understand it, so it's a non-issue. J. is aware of it - he apologized for her behavior, and I explained to him *why* she acted the way she did - so we'll see what happens now. Fun stuff!

That brings us to today. My van was fine until I got to my coworker's house (we carpool)....I turned it to "accessory" so I could listen to the radio while waiting; she came out, I turned the key.......*click*click*click* (shit!)

I was on the phone with J. He heard my.......adjective (I'm working on my vocabulary. Some days I'm better than others!), and asked what was wrong. He told me to go buy a battery. Hmmphf. I called him back from work; coworker's DH had gone out to look at it - he thinks it's just corroded, but he can't get *to* the battery to see. (Pontiac has done a bunch of crap to make the engine look "pretty". You can't ID anything on it now - or, at least, normal people can't) J. tried to talk him thru it....I haven't heard the latest, so I don't know what's going on. I just know my van is still dead. :sigh:

The financial advisor and Mrs. Boss are here......yippee. She's pissed because I took yesterday off ...and now my car is dead so I've been off and on the phone with -gasp!- personal calls. J. has offered to leave work (in Tyler - 70+ miles from my van) to go and get it going now......I don't want to see him do that, but I gotta have a car. *sigh*

Let's see, what MIL is excited - she asked me point blank if we had set a date, so I told her yes - Jan. 1. She said (and I quote verbatim): "What? Why are you waiting SO Long??" and WAS SERIOUS about it. :blink: J., of course, decided that this meant that he needed to run to the courthouse and set things in motion - I have squashed that idea for the moment. We'll see how long I hold out........*g*

Urk - gotta answer some stupid questions from our Advisor.....blech.
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