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Is it Friday yet?

My van is fixed - it was the battery. Coworker's DH got it running, so I hopped in and headed home. J. had me stop at O'Reilly's (he has an account there.....heh.)....I shut it off, then tried to re-start it. Nope. Deader than a doornail. "Good!" J. chirped, happily - "Just what I wanted to hear! Now, go in and..."

I walked in, grabbed a salesman, and handed the phone over. "Here", I said. "I don't wanna screw up the translation". The man was nice, then he got on the phone. A few clicks of his mouse later, and he became NICE-nice, as in "Oh, shit - this is a bigwig. Must bend over backwards here". Seriously - his hands started shaking and he was so nervous......I have no clue *what* the 'puter said, but I'm not arguing. *g*

J. and he chatted for a bit, then the phone was handed back to me and out we went. Neither of us could get to the battery (it's on the passenger side, under the fuse box (with the wires UNDER the motor support -go figure!), with side terminals.) - we tried everything. The salesman went above and beyond - to the point of trying to dismantle the motor mounts, even!

So, J. told him how to test the battery (since it's hard to get to the terminals, it wasn't obvious as to HOW to hook up the computer) - dead. So was the alternator. Fun! They decided to get me a new battery, jump the old one, and get me home so J. could take care of it.

$68 later (for a 72 month battery......major savings. All I'm sayin'), we went out to put it in the back - and my lights came on. I looked at the salesman, he looked at me, I hopped in and turned the started right up. He slammed the hood down, told me to drive carefully, and I took off.

J. got here around 9:30.......he finished up at 12:30. The new battery did it - the old one was corroded and rat-infested. (No, really - I live in the country. Mice and rats abound. And like my van. *sigh*)

THEN, to top things off, today at daycare Himself decides to destroy his glasses. He got mad at.....something, so he took 'em off and pounded them into the tile floor. *sigh* Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

At least they're still under warranty.......*bigger sigh*

Off to work....
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