Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I'm singing...

but not in the rain - it isn't raining. Again. I don't even remember what rain is. But still.

We've decided to go pick up a marriage license tomorrow. Why? Well - he hasn't gotten a callback from the ISD yet, but when he called today to check in, they told him he could go ahead and take the CDL test. It doesn't mean he's got the job, but it's a good sign. They are supposed to make a decision by Friday, so.......since I won't let him move in without making it official, it's just something that we probably should go ahead and do. There's a 3 day waiting period; my father won't be back in town until next week, so....yeah. Next week it probably is (if Dad will do it. If not, I fall back and punt and find a minister that'll do it.) Since we both agree this is gonna happen, why wait? We're both adults, we get along, yeah.

The other reason? The kids are so much better behaved and happy when he's around. Himself told his daycare teacher yesterday that he really really liked having J. around - he and J. did "man things" and fixed stuff and let "us girls" sit around and be cool, and he liked it. *g* Both of them have missed out by not having a father around - he moreso than she. She can remember her daddy - but he can't. (I have to say, though - she was a Daddy's Girl from the get-go, so this will be hard. She's coping - J. has told her over and over that he is not replacing her daddy, he's just coming in to help out - but it's still gonna be tough.)

And - he HATES his partner. His partner is a lazy SOB that can't even be bothered to pass on messages...and it appears he is skimming money off the top. Quite a bit of money. As soon as J. gets out of there, I plan on placing a few phone calls to get him......well, let's just say that the 2005 return is still sitting on J's desk. I think I know someone that would be interested in that knowledge......Not that I am vindictive or anything like that. *cough*cough* And, J is owed quite a bit of back pay (because they "haven't made enough money to pay you in full". BS - the shop is constantly busy. How can they *not* be making money?)...not that it's any of my business..but it will be soon.

I mean, everyone takes advantages of loopholes in the tax codes. Heck, the IRS GIVES you a lot of loopholes (i.e. "If you make more than $600 from any one vendor, you must report it here" know that means that if you made LESS than $600 you don't have to report it. Duh.), but I'm not talking about stuff like that - I'm talking fraud here. And, I can do it anon. Which I will.

:deep breath: Ah, well - Himself is sound asleep on the couch, so I guess I should move him to his bed. Herself is singing in her room....wonder if she'd go to bed early, too.....not that there's any reason I need them asleep. :frustrated sigh:

In other news, I am about 80 rows away from finishing the prayer shawl. Hope it goes quickly (Hah!) - I *need* to knit a pair of socks. I have the yarn wound, I found my #1s.....I really really really *need* to CO a pair of socks. It's been too long since my last fix!
Tags: blather, kids, knitting

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