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My bank (won't name names, but it sounds like JPMorganChase) has done it again - and not just to me this time.

I went in at lunch yesterday to make our payroll deposits. I had mine and my co-worker's; I went into the bank, and handed them over to the Teller. (You got that, right? I handed them straight to him)

So, I doodle back to the office, write out my bills, *mail* them (because, y'know - I just made a deposit. It's before 3 PM. Mail won't get picked up before 4....the deposit will hit tomorrow AM, so we're good.), and then hit BPAL with a new order.

*sigh* Go to the bank today (because, again - the $$ will be there) to make an ATM withdrawal for lunch money for the next month. Hmmm.....insufficient funds????!!! WTF?????

Get to the office, sign on, go to the bank's website (I check my account *daily* after all the bruhaha before)...and I have a balance of .01. .01. Again, WTF???

Customer service is a joke. 'No, the deposit wasn't made. I have 2 options: he can issue a research whatzits, which will take 2 to 5 days to resolve, or' - at this point I interrupted him (rude, I know, but Damn!) and said "Yeah, but what about all the NSF charges that ya'll are gonna hit me with in the meantime?".

'Oh,' he said. 'If it's *our* fault, then we'll naturally refund the charges. (IF?>>IF???) You can also go into the branch and talk to someone there.' "Hmmm," says I. "So you're telling me you can't do anything for me."

'Oh, no - That's NOT what I said' he blurted out. 'I can do the research' - I again interrupted him with "What good is *that* going to do - my paycheck has NOT been posted; it's ALWAYS been posted that night, and now I'm going to have checks bounce. 2 to 5 days is NO HELP"

'Well, then go to the branch office'. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I informed him that this was the 4th time the bank had eff'd me up, and I was going to move my money as soon as possible. This is ridiculous!

I hung up on him - at this point rudeness was the best choice on my part - and called the branch office. The man there was much nicer; he actually said he'd do something *right*now*.

He has the transaction #s and account #s of 2 of the 3 deposits I made, and told me they would pull the workbox and issue a credit. And, it will be done by noon. Today.

We'll see......

Meanwhile, I'm getting off at noon. The bank rep has my coworker's info as well, so we'll be OK. IF he does what he said he'll do.

ETA The banker called me back. Seems that the teller somehow put our deposits under one that he did after 4, so they didn't get input. Huh?? Like, I believe least things have been corrected now.
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