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Let's cell phone took a dip in the pool this evening (can you say "DEAD"?) Thank the Lord I was smart and got the insurance on this phone!

AND - last night Himself got icecream out of the deep freezer. He didn't notice that the box fell over and kept the door from closing....and *I* didn't notice this AM when we were heading out the door. In fact, I didn't notice until 6 PM today...when I noticed a horrible smell in the garage.

*7* trash bags full of ruined stuff. 11 pounds of ground meat, 15 pounds of chicken breasts, 4 Red Baron pizzas, tons of frozen vegetables, breakfast stuffs.....aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

*sigh* So, tomorrow AM I have to hustle J into changing my oil first off, then hit the bank to drain my savings account so I can replace the food, then off to the Cingular store so I can replace the phone, then it's off to J's daughter's for lunch, then stop to Wal-Mart to actually *replace* the much for a relaxing Saturday. After discussing it with my MIL, we think $300 should replace the important stuff (the beef/chicken/vegetables), and I can replace the other stuff on payday. :fingers crossed:
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