Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Monday..

and it's a typical one. Himself woke up in a good mood, but Herself didn't. In fact, she left the house sans breakfast today because she missed the window that I would prepare it for her, and she refused to do it herself. I did manage to shove her Concerta down her clicked in right as we reached the daycare.

Which was good, because Himself has decided that school is "boring" and he hates it and.....yeah. After getting smacked for biting my wrist, he sorta settled down. Daycare lady offered to let him play with the bunnies...she brought them in, but he declared them "stupid" and sat in the corner sulking. Whatever.....

I'm tired and I have a headache, but I'm here. My replacement phone is supposedly going to be delivered today..we'll see. I *hate* this loaner phone - you can't see the screen (it's dead), the keypad doesn't work quite right (you don't know *who* you're dialing!) and and and......ick. I just hate the fact that the photos won't transfer to the new phone (they're not on the SIM card) and the ringtones won't either (and I had a different ringtone for almost everybody. I'll need to redownload at least 3 just to get me started.)

J. and I did settle on the wedding attire - his kilt (white shirt and Price Charles jacket), and my Pendragon (w/white brocade skirt and silver/white chemise). *shrug* Yeah, it's *August* Texas...on Labor Day.....but I figure, it'll only be for a few minutes (outside. On the patio...what the hell were we drinking when we decided *that*?), so no big deal. We'll cut the cake and hit the pool afterwards. (Did I mention I like *low key*? *g*) J is bringing his grill over, so we'll bbq for lunch, his daughter is making the, cheap and easy - that's me (Wait! That's not what I meant!!)

Off to pop some Advil for my head.
Tags: blather

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