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OK, so today I was supposed to check all the work my boss did.....I can't believe it took all morning!! Plus, we have more to do tomorrow - but that's OK, we're on contract and paid by the hour.

We would have been done yesterday afternoon, but the lady that brings our work went on the warpath and changed how we're supposed to do the stuff mid-stream. *bunch of stuff deleted, 'cause I don't normally talk that way* Ah, well - it's giving us a lot more hours. :-)

I've got some stuff almost ready to go out to RAOK folks...but I have to hit the store first. Have to look at the budget - it may have to wait until later in the month. My budget for the rest of the year is pretty well shot - I *have* to put back money for my property taxes. I had some put back....but stuff happened and drained the savings. *sigh* I hate it when that happens!

Got another inch or so done on the sleeve. Looks like I might finish it before he outgrows it! *g*

My BIL is supposed to be on his least, that's what he said last night. He's gonna set up my VCR/DVD players on the spare TV so I can workout while the kids are watching whatever. I have a box that is supposed to let you have both hooked up at the same time - Steve had set it up originally, but the movers unhooked stuff and didn't re-hook it, and I can't make heads or tails of it. I offered my BIL the generator I had bought before they started on the house - they told me *I* had to supply electricity until the temp pole went in. Nope - the guys that did the dirt work had a generator on the back of their truck. At least my BIL can use it - he's in construction. I certainly don't need it - and I'd rather give it to him instead of trying to sell it (and putting up with my neurosis of strange men knowing where I live. Curse that damn stalker!!)

My loom is calling....think I'll go take care of it!
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