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You know it's true love when...

you find yourself casting on 96 stitches on size 1 DPNs.

And, when you go to try it on your victim SO, and you break one of your brand new, lovely, bamboo size 1s. (But, the cuff fit over the heel and hugs the ankle of the intended victim recipient, so it's all good.)

Yes, I'm still plugging away on the shawl, but I Had to start some socks or I would have gone crazy. I *always* have a was driving me nuts. (The, ummm, diamond patch sock (#2) that is permanently in my bag doesn't, doesn't count. I don't think I'll ever finish it - I *hate* the yarn, I hate the needles, I *hate* knitting a sock on, ummmm, yeah, it's going to remain a singleton, I think. I'll probably go back and do a pair in handspun, but we'll see.)

I bought a lot of Noro Lily (colorway #117) for another Cleo, but I think I'll make the Crest of the Wave top (from Elann) instead. Besides, J. prefers that top to Cleo, so there ya go. I have 10 skeins of it, so I've plenty to do either one. Just gotta finish the shawl, first.

Need to get back to spinning the loverly silk, too. Chasing Rainbows Bombyx is all that AND a box of chocolate - spins like buttah, is loverly, and the colors are fantastic. I want to dive right in, ply it from a center pull ball, and start knitting, but I won't - I'm going to do this *right*. It looks like I can squeeze 2 oz of silk on my when I finish this batch, I'll wind off on a storage bobbin and spin up the other 2 oz. Then I'll ply them onto my AA Jumbo flyer......

Ack! 6 days and counting.......
Tags: blather, knitting, socks, spinning

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