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Not only is it Friday, and Labor Day Weekend.....J. got offered a job at a garage 12 miles from the house.

They want him to Although *next* Monday (not Labor Day - the next one) will be fine.

:blink: Coolness! AND - the pay starts at what the ISD was offering, but...and this is the cool part....once they see that he knows what he is doing, they will up it $100/week. Which will put him *over* my salary, which means........when this job o'mine is gone (I give it 12 months, max - maybe 18, but I'm thinking 12), I CAN STAY HOME. No more daycare (at $150/week during the school year, $300/week summers)! Yeah, we'll be back in the 1 paycheck category, but the extra $$$ each month (from no daycare) will go into the savings for things like taxes/vacations/etc.

Sorry for yelling, but....this is good news. :blink:blink:

They are going to sit down next Thursday/Friday and hammer out all the details, but HE HAS A JOB!!!!!
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