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I have a serious case of loom envy...

and I can't quite figure out *why*. I mean, I love my LeClerc; it's a 4H 6T (thats Harness, Treadle for ya'll non-weavers out there) 45" weaving width jack loom (that means the harnesses are lifted to open the shed; counterbalance drops the harnesses and countermarche raises *and* lowers them, giving you a bigger shed). I'm content with it, it works, it looks nice, it's in OK shape for it's age (it's pushing 30) why did I find myself feverishly surfing websites last night drooling over Glimakra and Toika looms?

I mean, Steve bought me this loom 6 years ago. He had finally gotten a settlement on an auto accident; he bought us a new computer and himself a pistol, and told me to go shopping. I had a $2500 limit, which is a good amount of change, and he said he didn't care what type of loom I got, just make sure I'd be happy.

So, I made a list. *g* (Yeah, I love lists...putting stuff down on paper helps me focus on what's important and what isn't). I listed everything I could even imagine weaving, and what types of weave I wanted to do. I went thru every single Handwoven, Spin-Off, and all my weaving books, listing every type of weave that caught my eye.(It was a very long list *g*). The end result was that most of what caught my eye could be done on 4 harnesses, and I was looking at mostly doing clothing-type widths. So, a 4H, 45" loom would suit me fine.

Then I found this one, listed for only $500. I jumped on it, the owner drove 4 hours to deliver it (his idea, we paid him for gas and bought him dinner - a good deal all the way around!) and set it up for us. I love it; it has a few minor problems (it is, after all, 30 years old!! Plastic parts degrade; I need to take the time once this warp is off to replace the harness separators - it was missing 6 or 8 when I got it, I'm now down to maybe 4 out of 16) but nothing major, and it does its job and does it well.

Over the years, I've had a few instances of harness envy (you usually call it *shaft* envy, but I'm trying to keep my journal safe from spammers *g*), but I quickly got over it before any harm was done. Now, though....I'm spending my Christmas bonus over and over and over, trying to find the best price for the most loom (let's not mention the fact that I will probably have to use my bonus to pay my taxes - that's immaterial). BUT I DON'T NEED ANOTHER LOOM. I mean, I have a 12H table loom, 16" weaving width...but it's not the same. I prefer floor looms - your feet do just as much work as your hands. On table looms, your hands do all of the work. I've discovered it's just too tedious for me...and I'm trying to talk myself into selling the table loom.

I'm going to blame it on C, who sent me a lovely dish towel. Looking at the weave, I figure it required 8 harnesses...and I want to recreate it. Not copy it, I want to do something similar but slightly different, so when I look at it I know that *I* did it. Yes, I'm silly.

I'm also sick - I found myself this morning, trying to weave off the last yard of the pink warp, visually measuring the air space under my light fixture. "Hmmm.....", thought I. "I'll probably have to raise that fixture a few inches...maybe I can set the loom so the castle is on *that* side of it, and the light will shine right down on the fell so I can get a good view of what I'm doing." Sick, I tell you.

I consider myself foremost a weaver. I love the way the yarn feels running thru my hands as I measure the warp, the way it feels as I sley the reed and thread the heddles, the way it sounds as it runs over the front beam during the actual winding on....the soft swish of the shuttle as it runs thru the shed, the soft clank as the harnesses change positions, the soft thud of the beater hitting the fell....the almost magical way actual fabric appears as I throw the shuttle and pull the beater. It's a soothing and amazing thing. Spinning is magical, also, but it's not as intense, it's more intimate. I mean, the magic happens in between your 2 hands, and onlookers don't really *get* what's happening. Weaving.....anyone can see what's going on. Knitting, for me, is just a time-filler. I can't haul my loom around with me everywhere, and my wheels are a bit awkward (my spindles and I have a delicate truce drawn up. I'm also a little bit afraid of breaking the shafts or whorls). Knitting makes good use of the times I can't do my true loves, and I enjoy it, but it's not an obsession like weaving and spinning. I don't find myself dreaming about knitting.......I've woken myself up wondering where the wool is, or wanting to see what I had just woven.

Ah, well, let's hope the envy dissipates before I get my bonus...or the IRS refund. I think the kids would rather have a nice "away" vaction instead of mommy getting a new loom.
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