Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Goin' to the chapel...

or, in my case, the house. The Front Yard, to be exact.

Labor Day dawned foggy and drizzly - perfect for a Scottish wedding, no? We had a good turnout - 24 people at last count (but I'd swear there were more. It was....crowded.) Clan McClellan were there, as was Clan Young. J's daughter and son-in-law came - she baked the cakes (which were beautiful and yummy!), my mother (with an ice cream cake - double yum!), a bunch of J's friends, my brother-in-law, my brother and sister-in-law (He took the pictures...150 or so, I think), my in-laws, the National Director of Clan Young and her family, and of course my Father was there (he did the actual ceremony). It was a very nice (but busy!) day.

OK, so...I promised ya'll pictures of the weddin', didn't I? *g* I've only uploaded 2 - mainly because a) I'm not comfortable posting other people's photos without express permission and b) I'm not comfortable posting my children's faces on the web period. (And..they (one or the other or both) are in most of the pictures, so there ya go.)'s Jay and me:

Mr. and Mrs. Young

And, here's a photo of the Clan Young contingent that came. We were graced with the presence of the National Director and her family (yes, we're special. And, they're smart - they provided the tent!)

McClellan-Young Wedding
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126.
Clan Young

The rain didn't hit until after everyone left, but it drizzled and dripped all day. Fortunately, the Youngs don't "Think On" things (the McClellan motto), they "Ride On" and actually *do* - they brought a nice 10' X 20' tent that they set up in the front yard. It was just big enough to keep us dry during the ceremony.

Herself was pretty good - Himself, not so much. He ended up being held by J. during most of the ceremony, but it worked. The kids held our rings for us, and Herself held my bouquet for me. It was nice.

Funniest thing: Dad started the ceremony. "We're all here blah blah blah. :pause:" Dusty cuts loose with a nice, loud whinney. Everyone snickers. Dad "They are here to profess their love blah blah blah" Dusty whinnies again. I couldn't help myself - I quipped "Forget the part about if anyone has any reason they can't get married, OK? Dusty will speak up!" which brought the house down. *g*

Afterwards, J. manned the grill, and I spilled things. *g* We had a good time talking and visiting - until I *had* to get away from the crowd. I grabbed a bridle and hopped up on Dusty (got muddy, but oh well - it was worth it!) I needed the space to clear all the emotions out of my space - with that many people crowded into my house, it was.....heavy.

Plus, J's daughter was......well, not happy. At all. She's lost control of her Daddy, and she's pissed. She'll get over it, or not - not my problem. (He told me some of the things she said to it OK if I call her a bitch? Because she totally was. :sigh:)

Think I'll wait until tomorrow to upload the prayer shawl photos....*g*
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