Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I am back among the living...

I think. At least, I'm back at work today - take that as you will.

I spent all of Thursday, all of Friday, and most of Saturday in bed, asleep. J. would call, wake me up, I'd get food, then back in bed I'd go. I think it's the meds - but I'm not sure. Sleepiness isn't one of the listed side effects....maybe it was the Monty Python marathon Herself subjected me to on Saturday (but that doesn't explain Thursday or Friday...hmmmmmmm)

Quick diversion: why do telemarketers call at 7:45 PM or later? Bedtime at the Fiberaddict household is 8:00 PM. I mean, the ones calling about telephone plans are one thing; they don't know I have kids...but the ones calling about children's movies? :snerk:

Himself lost one of his goldfish Thursday night. Yesterday, J. and he "cleaned" and rearranged his room; then J. assembled the brand-spanking new, bright and shiny 20 gallon aquarium. Herself and I were in charge of actually setting it up. His 1 surviving fishy is quite happy in his new digs - we'll go out this weekend and pick him up another fish so the first one isn't lonely. :rolls eyes: (then falls on floor, since inner-ear is still slightly wonky)

Let's see....we made a big splash in church yesterday, since we hadn't actually *told* many people we were going to get married last week. *g* Ah, well.....24 people were enough, thankyouveddymuch! It was sweet, and the dear lady whose husband had bought her 2 dozen roses for her birthday (we provide the flowers for the church, and they announce who and why) gave us 1 dozen to celebrate. They're *pretty*. (Can't smell 'em, but they are pretty - deep, rich, velvety red. Wow.)

Recap of the first week of marriage: Very Good. Let's just say that to say anything else would involve *way* TMI, and leave it at that...but, umm, I think my throat would've recovered sooner if my new husband didn't make me....umm, vocalize so much. (I quit! TMI!!) Mind you, I'm not complaining! *eg*

Still need to post the shawl pictures...I'll do that (hopefully) later this week. They're uploaded, I just need to get the post written and the pictures inserted (drag your mind out of the gutter! Oh, wait - that was *my* mind...oops!)

Must go catch up on work!
Tags: blather

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