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They say it comes in 3's...


Previous Entry They say it comes in 3's... Sep. 15th, 2006 @ 05:49 pm Next Entry
so we should be good for a while. To-wit:

1) My strep-throat, which I suffered thru on my wedding day, and to which I decided to add an ear infection. Fun stuff!

2) J. blew up the engine in his truck last night. You know what they say about mechanics and their cars......

3) Himself totaled his glasses (again!) today. Totaled as in - they're broke, which is no biggie, but he then LOST one eff'ng half of the bloody things. LensCrafters says it's no big deal, but the cost will be closer to $100 than the $27 I paid last time. (Because, you see, they have to make a new LENS this time. :sigh:)

We'll be running out to Mesquite either tomorrow afternoon or Sunday afternoon. It just depends on how things go - I am having a spin-in tomorrow, damnit! I *need* the fiber fondling!

So much for the slush fund I was looking at out of this paycheck! The good news is that I've overpaid the daycare, so I can float it a bit (and not pay the full amount...which is *great*)

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