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It's Monday...

and J. started his new job. His "boss" is a that isn't even housebroken yet - he didn't even have a clue how to schedule the mechanics *lunches* - so this should be fun!

Weekend update:

Friday was cub scout signup night. Himself was a pill....Herself and I went grocery shopping. Most of Himself's problems stemmed from his lack of glasses - yes, he broke a set of titanium frames AGAIN. This time, someone shoved him, knocked his glasses off, and stepped on them. :sigh:

Saturday, J. took both kids with him to work on his friend's bus. ritaspins37 came over for some quality fiber time - I needed that! (shhhhhhhhhh - we had chocolate chip cookies and chocolate ice cream for lunch - I really needed that!) I got most of the Chasing Rainbows silk spun up (I started plying it up last night....yum! It's working out to a nice 2-ply laceweight or lighter. Can't wait to swatch it!) About 5-ish, J. and the kids came home, and we headed out to the mall to replace himself's glasses. I said eff it, and switched to the "flex" frames..we'll see. While we waited on LensCrafters, we ate supper, and did some light shopping...I hit VS (heheheheheheh.....more on that later) then we hit PetSmart to replace Himself's dead fishie. (He let J. pick it out - too sweet!) We also got a new filter for Herself's tank - it's a 20 gallon tank, but the 20 gallon filters we've tried just can't keep up. (She overfeeds her fish, I think....) I upgraded her to a 40 gallon filter - we'll see. The water was still pristine this morningk, so that's good.

Sunday was church, then home to completely empty Herself's aquarium and refill it with fresh, clean water, then the boys headed out for the first "real" cub scout meeting. J. ended up practically taking over the whole thing....*g* Well, really - this one was on fire safety....the leader was telling the kids to check the doorknob; if it wasn't hot, open the door and head for the front door. Excuse me - if there's a window in the room, you're better off heading out the window. Anyway...have I mentioned that J. is a volunteer firefighter? And has been for years? *g*

And now for something completly previously mentioned, we did some shopping whilst at the mall. (I don't, as a rule go to the mall - it's too far away, it's too crowded, and it's too expensive. But, in this instance, it...well it was a good investment.)

OK, so...I've lost over 60 pounds in the last year. I have shrunk out of all my underwear, and need to replace them. Before J., it was no big deal - hit Thrallmart, grab the 5 pack of whatever's on sale, and run (Old lady underwear, anyone?). Now...well, I want cute, sexy underwear. Thrallmart just...doesn't have a very good selection of these, and what they do have is aimed at the younger crowd (I mean, a pair of bikini bottoms with "Brat" emblazoned on the butt? I don't think so!)

The trip to the mall was fortunate - I knew there was a VS there. And I knew that they usually have a sale on. AND, I knew J. wouldn't complain - a trip to VS? With a purchase almost guaranteed? You betcha! (The kids were bored. They got over it)

I got 6 pairs, plus a cute camisole. There were a...few....other things, but I'll go back sans kids to try them on and make a decision. *eg*

Let me just say that it was money very well spent. I am....slightly sore, sore in that wonderful way that you get when you have fun for...a long period of time; fun in creative and inventitive ways that involve seeing how many ways you can actually *bend* the human body. The type of fun that puts a smile on your face that makes everyone in a 4 foot radius that has blood pumping thru their veins know *exactly* what you've been up to, and when they smile at you, you wince and then smile again, because you remember *why* you're in that condition. The kind of sore that makes you walk with a certain.....attitude, the attitude that catches the attention of members of the opposite sex without you even trying. (Don't try this around construction workers, though...)

Yeah - *that* kind of sore.

I'm thinking I need to budget in another trip to the mall next payday....6 pairs ain't gonna last very long if we continue in this vein.

So, that was my weekend in a nutshell.
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