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Previous Entry mmmmmmm, silk! Sep. 22nd, 2006 @ 11:41 am Next Entry
So, ummm, I am a 2-timing slut, apparantly. I asked J (at least I asked!) if I could abandon his socks (3" more to go to the toe on #1...ugh. 96 stitches on size 1s...it's gotta be love!) so I could avail myself of the lovely, sparkly, shiney teal-y silk that was singing its siren song on the ballwinder and swift. He said "Sure - I *told* you you could work on the sock whenever...it's not like I *need* a pair of socks." (silly man...of COURSE he needs handknit socks. It's just...I need this silk shawl more. *g*)

I am doing the Aran Weight Victorian Shawl. It's...well, it's going to be stunning. The first few rows are a deep, rich, dark teal - the next few are a lovely, green-ish teal. I can't wait to see the next color change! I'm knitting it on size 5 circs....and the handle is just...wonderful.

I have pics of the yarn on my camera - I just need to take the time to download them, clean them up, and upload them somewhere. Not tonight - after work I am running into Mesquite for a book signing with my favorite author (I'm mentioned in 2 of her books! Whee!), then it's off to the Rodeo (yippee...I'm so amused.). Tomorrow.....tomorrow the kids go to Grandma's so we can visit one of J's friends in the hospital. Hmmmmmm....maybe tomorrow night I can get to it.

This silk is so shiney......I'm thinking this may be my "big" County Fair entry for 2007. Last year, I entered a scarf and a dishtowel and a bunch of skeins. This year, I already have a pair of socks ready (my "Winter" socks...handspun Angora/Silk/Wool in the snowflake pattern)...no yarn - yet, but that will be fixed in a few weeks when I hit the wheel(s) again. This shawl will be a show-stopper, that's for sure!

Back to the knitting!
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Date:September 22nd, 2006 06:18 pm (UTC)
All men need handknit socks. Most of them don't know it. And many of them don't have knitters to demonstrate that need to them.

Despite that, I think you're very wise to do your shawl first. Because once he gets his hands on feet into handknit socks, the 6 pairs for $5 commercial ones just aren't going to cut it. Especially if he has to stand around, walk around, be outside in cold weather, etc. to earn a living.

Then he's going to need L+2 pairs. (L = the frequency of sock washing. I wash mine once a week so I "need" 9 pairs -- one for each day, one to wear on wash day and one in case they aren't dry the next day!)
Date:September 23rd, 2006 05:32 am (UTC)
Oooooh No. See, I don't *do* 96 stitches on 1s. Knowing my luck, that of the tight knitter, it'd be 96 stitches on *0s*. Yep, gotta be love.

However, silk is purty. Silk is loverly. Silk must be petted, adored, loved one, and appreciated it, or it'll take it's shiny luster and beautiful drape and taunt you from across the house!

I wanna see pictures....

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Date:September 23rd, 2006 03:42 pm (UTC)
Dang, that's one good lookin' shawl! I'm sure it will be stunning in a non-beige handspun!
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