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Pictures and blather

OK, so I've been promising pictures, but, tease that I am, I haven't produced them yet. ya go:

First up, we have a picture of the 2-ply I spun from the lovely roving I got from redemelde. It's a lovely, lovely yarn - I have almost 300 yards of it, and am thinking it needs to become socks. We'll see:

Next up, a shot of the 2 silk singles. I had 4 oz of "More Teals" from Chasing Rainbows, and this is how they wanted to be spun. Ultra-fine, pretty regular (for the most part - there are a few areas that are...unique.)

And, a shot of the finished 2-ply:

I didn't do a WPI on it - I was too eager to dive in with the needles, but it's pretty much laceweight, with a few bits heading towards fingering.

Weekend recap:

Friday I got to finally meet in real life my friend Liz. She was in town for a writer's convention, and the "local" bookstore had her in for a signing. I (OK, we - J. and the kids met me there) stood in line for about 10 minutes; when I got up to her, she didn't look - she said "Who is this for?" So I told her my name...then she said "Any other books?" and I laughed and said "No - you've already signed them!" - at which point she jumped up, said "You're MY fiberaddict? MY FIBERADDICT?? YOU get a hug!" which brought the house down. *g* She is a very lovely lady, and I feel very privileged to know her.

We couldn't stay for the reading - J. had promised the kids the Rodeo (word to the wise...the Mesquite Rodeo is a tourist trap, not a real rodeo. Save your money!) - so off we went.

Getting out of the car, I dropped my book....when I went to pick it up, I dropped 4 stitches on the shawl. Normally, this is no big deal...this time, it was. Slippery silk + metal needles = disaster. I had to frog the whole bloody mess. *sigh* It's ok, though - I re-cast on to size 6 circs, which looks much better than the 5s did. I knit it back almost to where I was before, then we left the "rodeo". (Yawn!)

Saturday, J. and I dropped off the kids at G'ma's, then we went to the hospital to visit his friend. Had a nice visit (and a nice thunderstorm!), then went to lunch and did some window shopping. Hit Thrall-mart, where J. bought me some hooker heels (3.5" spikes.....I don't do heels normally - I'm a Birkenstock sorta gal - but these...I need these for some......missions I need to do on J's behalf. Me'n'Zoey and my heels need to pay some lowlifes a visit (and I need to channel my Italian side......heheheheheheh). I took them for a spin yesterday..and they are *most* effective. (Hey - a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. If heels will make men stand up and pay attention, then...well, that's what I need to wear. The scum I'm talking about won't pay me any attention if I show up in my normal Birkies....but heels? Oh, yeah baby - they'll pay attention to me.....and I usually get what I want. *g* Add the Zoey-monster/mob collector to the mix...and, well........)

Picked up the kids, and headed home...only to have a blowout. Fortunatly, I married a mechanic.....he had the tire changed in no time. He tried to fix it, but the damage was too severe (surprisingly - he was more upset over it than I was.) Worked out how to get a new tire, and home we went.

Sunday was church, where the resident b***h (sorry, but I gotta call it like I see it) decided to say the wrong thing to me about Herself. (This, after she asked me a few months ago if "she was adopted, because ya'll treat her so badly"....why? (and WTF??) Because I provide Herself with coloring books and crayons during church and leave her alone. Himself isn't at that point yet - he can't sit still - so I have to hold him or he goes under the pews and ends up either at the front of the church (you can follow his progress by the jumping of the members) or the back (where he heads out the door to the playground). I just stared at her in shock.) I tore into her, she got pissed, and caused a scene in front of the Sunday School kids. I apologized to the other ladies later (not her, though), and was told I was not in the wrong - she had it coming, and she needs someone to stand up to her. Heh. Guess I'll be channeling my inner-redhead from now on. :humph:

The cause? J. took Herself's pencil box away from her; we had told her NOT to bring it in, she did, and she was playing with it instead of participating in the opening activities. So, Herself made a nasty face at J - he mouthed to me that he was going to take her outside. (He belives in lectures.....I believe in swats and mild beatings.) I said "Go for it", and got jumped on because "What? She's being a perfect angel! You treat her horribly - she's such a precious child, quit being so hard on her!"

I say it again - b***h!

Anyway, after lunch we headed to Canton for a new tire, then home. J. had an interview with his (hopefully) new boss (good thing, too, since he got laid off today - for being "too good for this place". Ya think???) and I napped.

So, that's the state of the fiberaddict household as of this morning. I'm in the office by myself today, so I expect to make progress on the shawl. I think I've finished the first pattern (well, the original says "continue in pattern until run out of the first ball of yarn, then start the 2nd pattern". Yeah - I'm knitting it out of 1 ball of handspun, so......I'm tired of this pattern; I have enough stitches to do the 2nd one, so I made the executive decision to start pattern #2. *g*) It's looking divine!

I'm waiting to hear from J. - he was going back to the new place to see if the guy is really interested in hiring him..and when he can/will start. I've already told him to get his tools out of the other shop - I don't want anything else to get stolen - he can put them in the garage for now, and I'll park the van outside. Let's see if he listens to me...
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