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*whew* Santa came thru again!

I'm impressed. UPS delivered the big Santa gift today...why impressed? Because....

Let's see, about 3 months ago I found the perfect gift for the kids on eBay - a catadioptric telescope, at a price I could actually afford. I did a BIN; the seller wrote back to say they were out of stock, and did I want to wait. I, of course, said yes. (Please don't ask me what a catadioptric telescope *is*, or why I needed it instead of a "regular" one. J. looked at all the info I had gathered, and said this was what we wanted. :shrug: I dunno....)

Back and forth the e-mails went; backordered, and backordered, and, finally, 3 weeks ago - cancelled. They were out of stock and he couldn't get them in at all. :sigh: So, he refunded my money and I had to search again.

Found another seller with the same telescope, only it was $30 more. I wrote; no, they were out of stock, but he expected them in any day. I asked him to let me know the moment they arrived, and I would either buy it direct, or hit eBay and buy it there.

He invoiced me yesterday at 9 AM; at 10:30 I paypal'd the funds. At 3 PM, he told me the tracking number would be sent to me today....only UPS delivered the box before he got around to sending me the number! Score!

It looks to be in great shape; it's brand new, and it's AWESOME. The kids will *love* this - even though they have to share it.

The only thing left on the Santa list is a home planetarium.....Hobby Lobby has them for $9. I'll snag one of those next time I'm in town. to get the box downstairs and into the van........*g*
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