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Miss me?

Ugh. Himself brought a stomach virus home Tuesday night....J. and I took him to the doc Wednesday, but there was nothing to do but let it run it's course. (Naturally).

I was back at work on Thursday.....but. While HE got better (he polished off half a pizza for lunch) *I* got sick. I managed to make it home...where I lost everything I had eaten from about 10 AM on.

Spent all day Friday next to the bathroom. ('nuff said!). Saturday...I spent it on the couch/in bed; J. and the kids helped my mother move. (From 9 AM until I begged him to come home at 6 PM....this, *with* "professional" movers, yet!)

I was finally able to keep food down Saturday evening. (Huzzah!) Yesterday was a slow day - church, then a cookout at church, then home to rest. J. started showing signs of this bug (Ick!), rest for me.

He and Himself had to go to Cub Scouts last night (stupid night for a meeting...I will be switching troops soon as I find one nearby - there's 3; just need to see which day they meet would be best for us)'s the last meeting they can hit for months - our Sundays are all booked up until almost New Year's.

Wave 'em if you got 'em - J. is at an interview now. If it doesn't work, he's got some more prospects....but he needs to get a job soon. I can't keep up with his bills on top of our bills. :sigh: AND, his "landlord" (the lady who he's buying the property from) is in the hospital, and not doing very well. Not good....

Can I go back to bed now?
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