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So, I got rear-ended today coming home from work. J. says, in his estimation, it's about $5K in damages.

There's this spot where the road merges (to the right) with the freeway feeder. The car in front of me stopped, so I stopped; he went, I went, then paused - a little red car came *screaming* from nowhere.

Well, *I* paused - the car behind me, obviously, didn't. WHAM. I was on the phone with J - he said "What was that?" " van was hit."

So, we pull off - idiot driver is totally apologetic. His Isuzu Trooper is leaking red stuff from between the front's his son's, supposedly. He's very apologetic.....and, geez - his insurance is in his other car. Yea.

So, I got his DL#, his address, and his work info. J. has called the house once - he's not home (yet). We'll see where it goes.....

At least the van is drivable, and I'm (as of right now) OK. But, my poor van - I've *never* had an accident before; this is my very first new - only - me - driver car.....:sigh:

I need chocolate. And sex. The first can be procured now...the 2nd has to wait until the kids go to bed.
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