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It's Tuesday...

and I'm back at work - thankfully. The weekend was...busy.

Saturday was at the in-laws. And Christmas-tree shopping. Sunday...whew. Gone all day - Church, then to J.'s old shop (45 miles from church), then J.'s cabin (25 miles from the shop) then home to dinner - NOT. Seems I set up the crockpot, plugged in the timer, then went off without plugging in the pot to the timer. *sigh* Then off to my mother's to get the truck.

Yesterday - moved J.'s tools to his new job. Ugh. Just the 2 of us....moving his large-ish tool box. Into the trailer. Then we had to go *un*load it at the shop - but the owner came out and helped.

Then home to pick up the van for the's only $1,300, not $5,000 like J. estimated..but. The jerk doesn't have insurance. Or, so he claims. J. is handling it. *eg*

Today I am still stiff and sore, but not excessivly so. Just enough to be irritating. *sigh* A good friend gave me a receipe for painkiller (since I am allergic to Vicodin/Hydrocodone/etc), so I'll try that tonight.
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