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random blatherings...

I'm currently in a meeting, so.....shhhhhhhhhhh! *g* Actually, *I'm* not in the meeting, I'm sitting here ready to answer the phone/make copies/transcribe (that's the important part!) everything the bank says to Mrs. Boss et al......can you say "boring"? I thought you could!

Anyway.....random babblings as the meeting has lulls.

Hair: Bought some Neutragena (sp?) Triple Moisture Shampoo last night, and used it this AM. It rocks! Soft, happy hair - but it could be the HALO treatment I did as a next-to-final-rinse, too. We'll see tomorrow - no HALO. *g* The gold is still here - I didn't "lose" it like I did when I used the HALO as a final-final rinse, so this is good. We also nuked it in the microwave before hopping in the shower - don't know if that helped or not.

Gots me some curly action going on. This is good. What makes it even better is that I received a new hair toy from eBay seller 60thstreet - a beautiful hair fork made out of Wenge wood (a black/brown wood with *gorgeous* figure). I was a little concerned that it would be too big for my fine hair, but it's working just great. It's lightweight, only a little larger than my Crafty Celts metal ones, and feel scrumptious in my hair. The color looks good against the blonde, too....*g* I asked him to make me one in Paduak I'll have at least 2 nice wood ones soon.

Himself is being a pill today. He got in trouble in the car on the way to daycare, so he pouted. We got that straightened out, and left for work....he decided that he wasn't going to get on the bus because "school is boring". When they got him on the bus, he would jump up, run down the aisle, and throw himself at the door (supposedly). Now, instead of calling me to talk him down, they LEFT HIM AT THE DAYCARE (I don't, actually, have a problem with this part. I don't want him to damage either himself or the bus). THEN they call me - I'm in N. Dallas at this point, 60-something miles away...what the Hell am *I* supposed to do? I called J. - he works 30 miles from home, so he tells his bosses adios and heads out.

As of 8:30, he was still at the school - Himself is still refusing to go to class. (As of a clandestine call from me at 9:15, Himself is in ISS (In School Suspension), and everything is "OK"....I'll get the details later.)

J. and I both are pissed at the daycare lady (yes, the same one I've mentioned before.) We both think she's mad at us for pulling Himself out of the Boy Scout troop she and her husband (can you say "control freak"?) started.....well, since the meetings are on Sunday Afternoons, which DO NOT WORK for us, we had no choice. (We're still looking for a troop that we can actually go to - there are a bunch in our area, I just haven't had time to call around. J. keeps forgetting. Need to work on that....*g*), but to Not call Me (or J) when this started? Stupid. Worse? When J. was on his way to the daycare, he called to get the story straight from them.....she OFFERS to take Himself to school! WTF??? If that was an option, a)why wasn't it mentioned when she called me and b)what makes her think she has that right, when we need to figure out WTF is up with him? :grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:

Herself is doing good. Hope her spelling test goes well - she missed 4 out of 20 words last night (up from 17/20 on Monday). She was in a good mood today, and her hair was doing it's thing. I think we'll have a "spa day" tomorrow so I can work on her hair some more. She and Himself need to clean thier rooms tomorrow, too, though....hmmmmmmmm.

Let's see....tonight is "date night". J. arranged for a babysitter from the daycare; she'll take the kids home (I set her up a gate code and Himself has a key to the front door), the dogs are out in the back yard, and there is food in the 'fridge and freezer (and pantry)...they should be good to go. She wants $6/hour...I told J. he could pay $10/hour (it was HIS idea, after all - he should pay for good service.) We're not doing anything out of the ordinary - just take our time coming home, and stopping for a nice, child-free dinner at a Nice Restaurant. (Whatev, dude! *g*)

Am 5 rows further along on the shawl. :sigh: It's taking forever...but that's OK. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - I am down to about 1/4 of the yarn that I started with. We'll see how long it lasts, what with every row getting longer and longer.

Well, the banker just left; the official meeting is over and now we just need to get rid of the financial advisor (who is ARGUING with us over stuff HE told us to do earlier. And now we DON'T do it. But, we really do. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!). Then it's off to lunch with Mrs. Boss......The Mercury. Yum! I can already taste the wonderful goodies!

Oh - and yes, I have writer's cramp. 3 legal pages of notes from the meeting...and a lot of it is things like "then he discusses tax stuff". Bah!
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