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Forgot Option "D"

I knew I shoulda planned better....*g*

Option D: Remember to bring home the figures, but after testing the yarn decide it's too weak for warp. It'll work, but I'd have to baby it more than I want for this project. Download the XL MS spreadsheet on this PC doesn't understand the Roundup formulas. *sigh*

Have to reprogram the stupid thing, then plug in the new WPI. No biggie - I'm ready to start once I get back from the IL's.

AND, in case I scared anyone off from weaving. Don't be scared. The numbers I tossed around in my last post are good, but not really necessary (shut up you weaving gurus! I do this for fun!)..all you need to know is the sett and how wide you want it.

15 EPI? 12 inches wide? Simple: measure out 12 sets of 15 threads. Add maybe another 15 for draw-in, and have fun. This is the way I normally figure my warp, to be honest - but I don't have a lot of the 4/2 I was planning for yesterday. I *needed* the yardage calcs so I could see if I had enough to do it, or if I needed to try a different yarn. I have enough of the 4/2.....but like I said, I'd have to really baby it, and I don't wanna! I just want to sit down and go to town on it.

At least the new yarn is in brighter colors. I have white, burgundy, forest green, royal blue, and a blue and black marl. Lots of ideas, there......3 color warp, using the other 2 as weft, 1 as weft, the same 3 for a plaid, different 3 for an oddball plaid......I can get lots of different looks just by changing the weft colors. Add in different treadlings......I hope 8 towels are enough for me to play with! *g*
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