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Happy Fall...

or at least, Happy 2 days of Fall-like weather. *g*

Am home today, waiting on Orkin. It's currently almost 3 PM; haven't heard a word, and am thinking I won't. :sigh: Figures, huh? Kids are "cleaning" their rooms and J. is at Dad's removing a dead tree.

At least I have *my* chores done - cake baked for tomorrow's potluck, living room and family room straighted and vacuumed, *all* the laundry is done - AND I got to take a nap. It was a nice one, too, until J. called and (jokingly) said "Hi! Where's the nearest hospital?" NOT the way I want to be woken up! Ah, well...

The Norwegian wheel has been polished - she is ready for the Nov. demo. Basket is still packed from Bedford...I'll probably just haul it along as-is. Need to go wind a warp for both the table loom and the countermarche...but I need to decide what I want to go on the table loom.

I changed my e-mail addy at the LHC, and now can't post again. :sigh: I've emailed the mods, so hopefully that'll get sorted out soon. I started a hair journal there, to keep this journal from getting cluttered, but I guess I'll double post the entries for a bit. (Once I can post there again, anyway.) I'm liking the results from the Nutragena Triple Moisture shampoo; the jury's still out on the HALO treatment. Today looks good - I washed, conditioned, then HAlO'd and let it sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing it out really really well. No greasy look, very shiny, very wavy hair today. (It's also been down all day, which may have helped matters) It's currently measuring in at 23.25" - and the longest bit is touching my bra-strap now. (Whee - at least, in this bra.) This is good - it was my first "mini-goal".

Date last night was fun. We'll have to do it again in 2 weeks or so.

Gotta go check the kidlet's rooms.
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