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It's Monday...

and I am already totally wiped out. Gah. I gotta plan some boring, stay-at-home-all-weekend weekends before I go batty!

It started with the date Friday - it was fun, it was great, but we didn't get home until after 9 PM (err, bedtime is a strict 8 PM in my house. I gotta get at LEAST 8 hours of sleep in or I'm a zombie. Pay attention - there Will Be a test later!); since the sitter had not fed the kids ("I don't like rummaging thru someone else's kitchen"...WTF? That's part of the joys of babysitting!), I had to whip something up for them, then wait while the snarfed it down, THEN put them to bed (around 9:45-ish).

Saturday - up by 7 AM; J. went to dad's to remove a tree, I stayed home with the kidlets. They "cleaned" their rooms (read: sat in their rooms and played/read/whined) while I cleaned the kitchen, living room, and family room, vacuumed, then rearranged the living room (trying to get it ready for Christmas..yes, it's a little early, but what with the new tree and all I felt I needed to get a jump on things (and no, J. hasn't noticed yet. Hmmmph!) and make sure it really would fit)(it does, but barely). I tried to take a nap, but 2 bickering children kinda made that a moot point. Then it was off to church for our annual Fall Hay Ride and cookout.....didn't get home until 9 (and we were frozen! It was bloody cold once the sun went down!)

Sunday - church, then potluck, then off to the Pastor's house so J. could measure for Mrs. Pastor's greenhouse (that he volunteered to build). They weren't home....we waited (In the Car - this is important later!) for about 45 minutes, then ran up to Athens (1 hour) to drop off something for J.'s former partner, then on to Thrall-mart (30 minutes), then back to Pastor's (another hour), where we spent 45 minutes measuring and talking (but we weren't in the car!). Then off towards the house (45 minutes-1 hour). That's what - almost 4 hours in the car, just in the afternoon? :sigh:

And J. wonders why I'm exhausted???

Ah, well - I'm going to try and catch a nap when we get home, but it's very doubtful. We don't get home until 6:15; bedtime is at 8. Gotta try and fit homework, dinner, baths, and tuck-in time into an hour and 45 minutes....not to mention feeding the horses/dogs/fish. Fun stuff.......

Still playing with the hair - found a new way to twist it up that will still be held by my hair forks. (I prefer the forks, actually - that'll probably change once the hair gets longer, but for now the forks rock. Especially the wooden one! Must pick up a few more of those....)
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