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Bureaucratic nonsense and stuff...

So, here's the deal: The post office has refused to deliver our marriage license, because my new last name is not on the PO Box or my mailbox. I can't go in and legally change my name - anywhere - without the marriage license, yet I have to go in to the PO and tell them verbally and in person that I have changed my name. And probably provide proof, although they didn't mention that in the conversation. (but it wouldn't surprise one else will take your word on it, you have to prove it)

Confused yet? I am.......grrrrrrrr. Looks like I will have to take a day off, go into the county courthouse the next county over, pick up the license (and, probably, PAY for it again, since I never received the original), then drive back to my county, go into the PO, and tell the lazy SOB's what's what. :sigh:

I mean - I have to take a day off anyway to change my driver's license...but this? Is ridiculous!


In other, happier news: I started winding a new warp last night. The alpaca/silk/wool scarf that is currently on the loom is such a disaster that I find myself *avoiding* the loom completely - not a happy state of affairs. The yarn is lovely; it's weaving up beautifully, but the damn warp threads keep drifting apart - I spun it with knitting in mind, not weaving, and I was just using up the leftovers. I think it's time to :gasp: cut it off the loom and start that's what I'm doing.

I've decided to *finally* use the afghan warp (WARNING: Big pictures. Sorry - but they're big. Click at your own risk! BL/Falkland Island 2-ply @ 12 WPI) I spun up ages and ages ago...but not for an afghan. *g* It'll be a nice, fluffy shawl - using the kid mohair/silk weft yarn, of course. So, the afghan, but on a smaller scale. It'll go faster, I'll see progress, and I'll finally use up some of the handspun that's been breeding in the stash.

We'll see how it turns out.....

I also decided on my Sunday School lesson next week - Joseph and his coat of many colors. I have an excuse to warp up a loom (probably the RH) with colorful yarn (in stripes, of course!), pack a handspindle, and explain why the coat was worth so much (how much time goes into handmade things? Discuss!), then let them weave a bit. *heheheheheheheheheh* Get 'em hooked young.......Enabling? Who, moi? :batts eyes:

Must run - got a hot lunch date with my State Inspector Hubby. *g* (Newly licensed as of today - he can do all inspections now, not just safety ones. Whee!)
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